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I get up between 4:30 and 5 AM every weekday during the school year, and officially the reason is because I like to write during that time, but just as important, it’s because I like to feel superior to everyone else for the rest of the day. “Oh, you got up at 6:00 today?” I’ll say with a self-important flare of my nostrils to anyone who makes the mistake of chatting with me about their morning.  “It must be nice to be able to sleep in . I get up by fiiiiiiiiiive .” See—even now, that part isn’t even important to the story I’m about to tell. Not important at all. But I take any chance I can to mention that I get up at 4:45 each morning because I like people to know that I’m better than they are. So yesterday morning, around 5 AM or so, I was at my computer at the kitchen table, hard at work at yet another of my unpublished novels.  (My nephew asked me one time, “Aunt Lisa, why do you keep writing novels that never get published?” Instead of answering, I threw all of his crap into