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Spam (the Good Kind)

A few weeks ago, our Student Council announced a door decorating contest.  STUCO members were going to give out fall themes for each homeroom, and homerooms were to decorate accordingly.  The winning classroom (to be announced) would get a pizza party.* “Oh, look!” my seventh grade girls said when they e-mailed us the themes.  “We got PSL!” They seemed excited and I didn’t understand.  “Play Station Live?” I asked, confused.  Typically 7 th grade girls don’t go all bubbly over Play Station Live.  In fact, does anyone get worked up about Play Station Live anymore? “Oh my gosh,” I heard one of them mutter under her breath. “ Clue less,” another agreed. “Like an old lady Karen ,” a third supplied. “Alright, alright, THAT’S ENOUGH.  Someone just please explain to me why our fall door decorating theme is Play Station Live. What does that have to do with fall?” Amid some eyerolls and lots of chuckles, they informed me that PSL in 2022 actually stands for “pumpkin spice latte