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I Love Snow...and Tangents

I love snow. We only got two snow days this year, and one of them didn’t even count because school was called off due to the predicted forecast of several inches of snow the next day. The next morning arrived, and after sleeping in like you’re supposed to on a snow day, I jumped out of bed and hurried to look out the window.  I was as excited as a kid on Christmas morning, and guess what I saw?? Nothing. No snow.  Just clear roads and concrete. What a bunch of crap.  We were cheated this year. I wasn’t sure at whom to be mad, so I directed my anger towards God.  I shook my fist up toward the sky, but then I reconsidered, slowly unclenching my fingers and bringing my hand back to my side.  I did have the whole day off to drink coffee and read books, after all, so why exactly was I angry? “Alright, God, I forgive you this time,” I said, “but next year I want more snow.” (I get away with talking to God like that because I’m his favorite.) In November 2017, my husband and