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Christmas Cookies

Last week, one of my 4 th graders brought Christmas cookies as his snack. “Try one, Wheatzie!” he insisted. “Oh, no thanks, buddy,” I said.   “You enjoy them.   They look great!” They really did look great.   The one he was currently breaking a piece off of for me to try was a gingerbread man, decorated in a red icing suit with little candy buttons. “I made them with my stepmom last night,” he explained, “and they’re so good .   She made sugar cookie batter and gingerbread batter, but I mixed both together and made these cookies.”   He signaled to the gingerbread cookie and another star-shaped cookie on his desk.   “You’ve got to try them.   They’re amazing!” “Oh, I’m sure they are. And trust me, they’d be great with my coffee…”   I held up my Christmas-themed coffee mug; Christmastime in the classroom is truly one of the best times of the year.   Our maintenance man asks us if we want lights strung—he’d be happy to do it, he says, and I always take him up on the offer—and I