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Bulletin Board and Shenanigans

Back in April, I refused to take a certain bulletin board down because where I live, the weather is so bipolar that we’ve gotten used to the fact that one day it might be 91 degrees outside and sweltering so badly that our faces are in danger of melting off, while just 24 short hours later, snow could be coming down so hard that schools are likely to be called off for the next three days. Ahhh, the beauty of the Midwest. (For any climate change hysterics who have taken a pause from screaming on Twitter about how we’re all going to die next month because it’s sunny outside in June and have somehow ended up on this site accidentally, please know that I’m what you guys like to call a “climate change denier” so I’ll save you some time:   YOU WON’T LIKE ME.   Bye!) So, as a sort of prayer to God (because I’m His favorite and I often get my way), I kept this bulletin board, which I had assembled in January, up through April in hopes that He would take notice and give me just one more d