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I Like Coffee...Not You

Earlier this year, a student drew a picture of me and in his illustration, I was wearing a shirt that said "I LIKE COFFEE…NOT YOU." When I mentioned to the secretary that I was planning to have the teacher across the hall with a cricut make the shirt for me, the secretary said, “Oh, that will be a fun shirt, but where will you wear it?   It’s not really appropriate for school.” Oh, it’s not? Because I was planning to wear it on a Thursday, which is what I did last week. The students loved it.   “Wheatzie!” they laughingly reprimanded me all day,    “you don’t like me?” “Listen,” I would say with a smile and a shrug, “take from this shirt what you will.” When I got home, I asked my older son to take a picture of me in the shirt so I could put it on my world-famous blog.   “Oh, Mom,” he said, patting my head.   “You’re delusional, but let’s go ahead and take a picture in case Grandpa decides to take five minutes out of his retirement gallivanting and read your littl