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Field Trips

I hate field trips.  I’m simply not a kid at heart. Several years ago, I brought my sons to a neighborhood birthday party for one of their little friends.  There was a bouncy house. Normally I love bouncy houses because it gives the helicopter parents like me a chance to slip a few feet away to the adult drinks table and relax while still being able to keep a close eye on the kids, who are having a blast with friends while getting some good old-fashioned exercise. However, this day, one of the parents tried to grab my arm.  “Come on, Lisa!” she said.  “Let’s get in!” I recoiled.  "Yuck," I replied.  “Why?” She gave an exasperated puff.  “Because bouncy houses are so fun !” “Erm…no thanks,” I said. “I’ll be over here at the wine slushy table with the other sensible adults.” She stood there for a few moments looking at me, willing me to come with her, but when she saw that I was rooted to my spot, unblinking, and that I would last longer in this staring contest st