Kiss Me

I once had a boyfriend who told me I sounded just like this singer when I sang.

Soon after, he dumped me when he found out I was dating someone else simultaneously. (I think in some circles they call that “cheating” but whatever.) Honestly, the fact that I even had a boyfriend—much less two at the same time—was quite a feat considering I went through an awkward phase that started at birth and didn’t end until age 22, when I moved in with a girly roommate who introduced me to makeup and boxed hair dye. 

Anyway, I just think that when he found out about the other guy, my boyfriend should’ve given me a congratulatory high-five instead of dumping me—or at least felt special that he wasn’t the only one in the lonely hearts club of men who found me attractive at that point in my life.

In the meantime, the other guy got sick of being the mistress and waiting for me to break up with my boyfriend.  So he broke up with me too.  Like, the same week.

All of these thoughts go through my head every single time I hear this song.

And yet, I still like it.

Probably because it highlights my fabulous vocal range.


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